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13 Jul 2016

A lot more the market for a kitchen cutting board, there are a number of products to take into consideration. What material is best - wood, plastic or glass? If a wood board, do I require an end grain or flat grain board? This short article explores these questions in an attempt to assist you in choosing the proper board for you personally.

What Material Should I Choose?

Basically, you'll find three choices - wood, plastic and glass. To be able to answer this query, you have to decide how the board will be used. Are you preparing raw meats or mostly vegetables or both? The frequency of which could it be used - each day, weekly or monthly? Some boards be more effective for several purposes than these. Here's a list of many of boards and their characteristics.

 End Grain Wooden Boards

This can be the top quality in wooden cutting boards. End grain ensures that the consumer boards of wood are arranged so your grain with the wood runs vertically (around). Therefore, one end of each board is put up in order that the cutting surface is definitely eliminate many individual bits of hardwood. With the end grain board, in the event the knife meets the counter during cutting, the grain with the wood actually separates. It closes if the knife is taken away. Therefore, you aren't cutting the wood itself but cutting between your fibers which can be kinder to a knife's sharp edge.

These boards are resilient and they are often passed between generations. Also, they are beautiful to look at causing them to be a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Flat Grain Cutting Boards

This type of cutting board is made with the wood boards arranged horizontally so your edges with the boards constitute the cutting surface. Generally, these boards are reversible to be able to extend the life with the board by utilizing either side. Unlike the conclusion grain boards, however, the knife cuts in the wood which may cause scaring.

Never the less, these kinds of boards are some of the most widely used due to their great value. The reason for this can be which might be better to manufacture.

Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic boards are produced from polyethylene and so are also known as PE cutting boards. The benefit of these kinds of boards will be the easy cleaning - these are dishwasher safe. Also, you can buy different colors and employ them for different purposes dependant on large. Red, by way of example, might be for raw meats while green would be utilized for vegetables.

As a result of softer the surface of plastic boards, knives will ultimately cause grooves within the surface which may harbor bacteria.

Glass Cutting Boards

Glass boards are really very challenging to knives. This is due to the fact that glass is harder than the finest steel found in knives. Knifes have been known to chip, dent or even roll when useful for cutting on glass. Furthermore, glass can be broken or chipped making it possible to enter the meat. The benefit of glass is the simplicity of cleaning. These are is it dishwasher safe.

Hopefully, this will provide you with the important information to pick a cutting board that is right for you.


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